Keweenaw artist Robert Kangas holds live painting demonstration at CCCAC in Hancock

HANCOCK, Mich. (WLUC) – A Copper Country artist showcased his artistic skills at a live demonstration in Hancock on Friday afternoon.

Marquette-born artist Robert Kangas set up his oil paints and canvas within the Copper Country Community Art Center (CCCAC) for the public to watch. While he has painted live in the past, this was his first opportunity to paint at the center. According to Kangas, he works in a more abstract style.

“I tend to focus on more non-representational work,” Kangas said. “I work in oils, and a lot of it deals with bodies of water and relationships to those bodies of water, and how those can manifest through paint.”

Multiple people attended the demonstration, enjoying tea and cookies offered by the center. As Kangas painted, several asked questions about his style and methods.

According to Kangas, feedback from attendees is something he appreciates.

“One of my favorite things about painting is the interactions with people and what they see in my work that I do not, or maybe never will,” Kangas continued. “I enjoy the different perspectives that people bring to my work.”

Kangas encourages people to check out the Keweenaw area and discover works by other artists.

“There’s a lot here that’s even unknown to me that I’m still exploring to this day,” Kangas added. “Just get out there and see what you can find.”

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