Canadian artist goes viral for Patrick Mahomes painting, using football as painting instrument

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (KCTV) – She’s from Canada, she loves art and sports and now she’s going viral for her unique painting of Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback Patrick Mahomes, using a football as her painting instrument.

Samantha Woj is an artist who, instead of using paint brushes, uses other items to create art. Woj has used a hockey stick, a basketball, a football and even a microphone. Yes, that’s right, a microphone.

Woj’s latest video of her painting Mahomes with a football has reached over two hundred thousand views on TikTok. Even the official Chiefs TikTok page has seen her video and commented “This is awesome!”

However, this is not her first time being recognized by Chiefs players. In 2023, when the Chiefs went to the Super Bowl LVII, Woj shared her painting of the Kelce brothers. Jason and Travis Kelce seen her painting and reacted to it on their popular podcast.

Woj says that with the Chiefs becoming so popular and gaining global recognition, it was easy for her to choose them as inspiration for new painting pieces. Woj has even become a fan of Chiefs Kingdom.

“I gotta say, Chiefs [fans] are awesome fans. I gotta say like, fan base wise for my art, they’re really good,” Woj said.

Woj began using art and sports at an early age, as a way to express herself. At age 5, Woj began painting, arts and crafts.

“It’s just so much fun, and it really like, just started my love for art and that’s where I pursued it until high school,” Woj shared.

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Her talent doesn’t stop there. Sports has played a big role in her life, including over 10 years of skating, years of soccer, swimming and gymnastics.

“That’s how I made my first kind of, connections,” Woj said. “People were able to know me for me and not for my disability, which was kind of an amazing opportunity for me.”

Sharing positivity seems to be the driving force for Woj to share her artistry. Woj says her painting of Mahomes is not only a nod to the Chiefs and Chiefs Kingdom but also in support of Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift.

“I knew I wanted to go for them especially because of like, all the Taylor Swift hate everybody has been sending them. I’m just like, you know what, we gotta give goodness,” Woj shared.

Woj even weighed in on the Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift conversation, saying that Swift is just being herself and that she has no control over how many times the camera pans to her.

“I think they’re a genuine couple…she’s just showing up to support her boyfriend. And now she looks like a genuine fan,” Woj said.

With the NFL noticing her artistry, Woj says football fans in Toronto will have an opportunity to see her paint a mural live as a way to promote the playoffs in Canada.

Woj says she’s hopeful of where her art will take her and even hopes to one day experience tailgating and go to a football game.

“I genuinely want to know what a tailgating party is like. That is my goal one day,” Woj shared. “I always see it on TV and I’m like ‘this looks amazing’.

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Chiefs Kingdom is known for having some of the best tailgating experiences around. When ever Woj has a chance to visit Kansas City, Chiefs Kingdom will be glad to welcome her with open arms.

“That’s one of my goals, to actually see what I paint. The feeling that I imagine when I’m painting a fanbase and actually see it one day, would be the goal,” Woj said.

More of Woj’s creative art can be seen on her YouTube page at Samantha Woj and her TikTok page at @samwojart.

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